Camp is NOW Peanut Free! What does that mean for you and your camper(s)?

We ask that all parents be mindful of the items packed for your camper(s) for his/her lunch and snack each day.

Peanut allergy is one of the most common causes of death due to food allergies. Three things characterize peanut hypersensitivity:

  • Reactions can be extremely violent and life threatening with just a little exposure to the allergen.
  • This allergy likely to persist throughout life.
  • It is often associated with other non-legume allergies (tree nuts, or certain seeds for example) and seed allergy. Peanut and tree nut allergic reactions coexist in one third of peanut allergic patients.

If you are sending in a snack to be shared with campers or just want to purchase items that will not bring this allergen into the camp grounds, please see the safe snack food listing below or the following Snack Safely website.  Be sure to check ingredients – packages should NOT say “may contain nuts or peanuts” or “that they are processed on the same equipment or same facilities using nuts or peanuts”.  This is usually under the ingredients but not always.

  1. Fresh Fruit
  2. Fresh Veggies
  3. Fruit Snacks
  4. Utz Pretzel Sticks
  5. Rold Gold Pretzels
  6. Shop-Rite Brand Pretzels
  7. Herrs Brand Pretzels
  8. Teddy Grahams
  9. Nabisco Classics- iced animal cookies, iced oatmeal cookies and snicker doodles.
  10. Chex mix traditional and cheddar
  11. Most Tortilla & Potato chips
  12. Oreo cookies but not the Oreo Cakesters
  13. Chips a Hoy
  14. Goldfish
  15. Oreos, Animal Crackers, Goldfish, Teddy Grahams and Chips A Hoy (but not the mini bags)
  16. Keebler Vienna Fingers
  17. Cheez-Its
  18. Sun Chips
  19. Ritz cracker and Ritz crackers with cheese dip but not Ritz bits
  20. Health Valley Organic Toaster Tarts (Raspberry, Blueberry and Baked Apple are good NOT Cinnamon Danish)
  21. Little Bits Brownie
  22. Golden Graham Treats – chocolate marshmallow
  23. Keebler Fudge Stripes (but not other cookies made by Keebler)
  24. Hershey Kisses
  25. Hershey Kissables
  26. PopTarts (except peanut butter)
  27. Apple sauce
  28. Fruit cups
  29. Pre-made Jello Cups
  30. Pre-made pudding but watch out for nut mixes
  31. Kellogg’s Nutri Grain Cereal bars (except nut mixes)
  32. Kashi TLC Blackberry Gram Soft Baked Bars but watch for nuts mixes
  33. Yogurt but not ones that have the toppings in the clear top
  34. Kelloggs YoGos bits
  35. Ice Pops
  36. Italian Ices
  37. Dixie Cups of Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream (check the brand to make sure)
  38. Good Humor Ice cream Chocolate Éclair and Strawberry
  39. Cherrios not Honey Nut
  40. Cheese and Cheese sticks
  41. Raisins and Craisins
  42. Plain or Cheese Popcorn

We hope you find this information helpful and know that there are so many choices to not have to limit your child to their favorite kind of snack, only that a brand change may be required to keep everyone safe.

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