The Beginning

The Dream Comes True

The idea of me running and actually owning a summer camp was a dream of mine long before Spring of 2010.  Through the years, I have noticed that more and more parents were working full time and summers were really a hard time for them to find reliable and affordable care for their children.  Many children were being left home alone or with an older family member because the parents had to work.  I wanted to provide a fun and safe place for all children, so that when someone asked them “what did you do this summer?” they don’t have to say “not much”. 

I knew when the time was right it would happen.  I had a bunch of ideas flying in and out of my head for years just waiting to be put into action. Well, 2010 was the right time.  I was talking to a collegue of mine about “things”, as well as my dream of running a camp.  She encouraged me to talk to the administration and with their approval and with my family and collegues support the dream turned into a reality and Milford Summer Day Camp was formed in 2010.

The undertaking was exhausting and exhilerating. Many long hours, long discussions and mixed emotions took place in those short 2 1/2 months.  Will people come, are my prices fair, will the kids have fun? What if…….

June 28th, 2010; the kids came, one by one and as the weeks went on more kids came and then more……We were thrilled, parents were happy, campers were happy, counselors were happy. HAPPY!!!!  Of course, we had some tweeking to do to the programs, but overall the bottom line is that the kids were with their friends, having fun, learning new things, and they were in a safe environment.  SUCCESS!!!

Thanks to everyone who supported the camp last year.  I hope to have many more fun summers with campers and their families.

Mary Ellen Mandatta; Camp Director

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